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Virtual Skipper - America ´s Cup 2000
      The first regatta simulation on PC! Take control of a 24-foot boat or of a 70-foot racer and challenge the best skippers in the world! Virtual Skipper, the 1st true 3D regatta simulator, allows you to steer and tack to win.

Follow the wind shifts, using the breezes, lulls and currents all faithfully reproduced on the most prestiqious stretches of water in the world. Play in single mode against the computer or in multiplayer mode, on the Internet /www.virtualskipper.com/ or on LAN, to face real opponents. You really will need nerves of steel!

- realistic simulation of water conditions /wind, fields, weather, currents/
- experience the true sensations of a helmsman /behavior and responsiveness of the boat/
- real-time arbitration in accordance with international racing rules
- sail in famous stretches of water, such as: La Trinité sur Mer, Auckland, Hauraki Gulf, the official racing site of the American´s Cup, Maria Island and San Francisco bay

- join tournaments organised throughout the year on http://www.virtualskipper.com
- a training tutorial for sailing and regattas
- 2 modes of regatta: fleet racing /up to 8 players/ or match racing
- 3 types of boat: 24,45 and 70- foot recer
- 3 difficulty levels
- mendel technology brings you real-time graphies and 3D animations

Orders are to be send to adress lode@lode.cz. Price is 1.970,- CZK. The game will be send by post /valid in CZ only/


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